Luminess Airess ® Code of Ethics

Our reputation is everything to us—it is the critical foundation on which we have built a meaningful business with our customers.

We believe that our success depends on maintaning integrity within the beauty industry, the direct selling world before the public, and between individual business people participating in Luminess Airess. Moreover we believe that Luminess Airess's reputation hinges on the success of each of our Independent Beauty Consultants. Luminess Airess will extend every effort to preserve and enhance this reputation for the good of everyone.

Our image cannot be built and maintained by the Corporate Office alone. Every independent Beauty Consultant that is part of the organization must assist. Therefore, Luminess Airess requires that all of its Independent Beauty Consultants learn the following Code of Ethics:

  1. I will make the Golden Rule my basic principle for doing business at all times.
    “ Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”
  2. I will uphold the spirit as well as the Policies and Procedures as outlined in the Policies and Procedures section of this business guide. Not only will I do what is legally right but also what is ethically correct.
  3. I will conduct myself with dignity and truthfulness in order that I may protect the Luminess Airess image.
  4. I will conduct my business in a manner that will command the respect of my customers, and all my fellow Consultants.
  5. I will present the products and opportunity to my customers and prospects truthfully and honestly.
  6. I will conduct my relationship with other Independent Beauty Consultants in a fair and harmonious manner.
  7. I will place great value on my own good name and on the good name of Luminess Airess. I will think of the company with loyalty while speaking of it with praise.
  8. I will make no claims regarding products or the company that do not apear in current Luminess Airess literature. I will give clear and accurate information and avoid exaggerated statements.
  9. I will use discretion in discussing competitive products and will not unduly disparage competitors or their products. I understand that I may be held personally liable for any claims that are not supported in current Luminess Airess literature.
  10. I am familiar with the Luminess Airess Satisfaction Guarantee and will make no other express or implied warranties for Luminess Airesss products.
  11. I will lead others by example – not words –for what I do is what I become.
  12. I will believe in the company’s principles. I will carry an air of optimism, dispel ill temper with cheerfulness, kill doubt with strong conviction, and reduce friction with an agreeable personality.

The Code of Ethics reflects the Luminess Airess expectation that all Independent Beauty Consultants will conduct their businesses with the highest level of integrity. While specific rules are detailed in our Policies and Procedures and may be subject to change from time to time, it is vital that each Independent Beauty Consultant abides by the letter and the spirit of the Luminess Airess Code of Ethics.